USB Flash Drive i san easily accessible medium, which is useful when you need to quickly copy or transport files. Their main advantage is that they are cheap, fairly roomy, small in size and may be purchased at almost every corner.

This devices allow you to transfer data comfortably in your bag, backpack or jacket. Unfortunately flash drives are fragile equipment. They can be easily damaged, destroyed or crushed. They are small, so often fall into different slots unnoticed or get between the other, much larger and heavier items. They are transported in folders, pockets, clip-like key rings or pendants. We often throw them together with a bunch of keys or on the bottom of the bag without any protection. In addition, we connect them to different, unsafe, devices. Thus they are vulnerable to virus attacks. Infected device is not working properly, and seemingly safe data are destroyed.

However, our specialists are able to reverse the untorturable process and recover lost data

Lost files? call it, we'll get it back