Small, light and handy mobile devices are getting more and more popular. We can use it almost everywhere. This fact is a certain advantage but it also causes a high risk of damaging your expensive device. It takes just a second to spill a glass of juice or a cup of coffee on your laptop. Therefore flooded digital devices are common problem nowadays.


What should you do if you have just spilled liquid on your computer or laptop? First of all, turn the power off immediately. Pull of the plug and the internal battery. Then turn it upside down to prevent liquid from leaking deeper into the electronic parts. After that leave it for three or four hours and let the liquid dry spontaneously. Do not use a hair dryer or a radiator because it will turn a liquid into a more dangerous steam. When your device get dry you should take it to our laptop service as soon as you can.

Flooded laptop? call it, we'll save it!