Broken hinges or generally damaged laptop case is a real problem that can lead to serious damages and consequently expensive repairs. Plastic elements have predetermined strenght and endurance often break during operation. Aditionally, the moving parts because of permanent opening and closing get exploited and may break.

Cracked or frayed hinge is a considerable threat to the screen case and even the entire monitor display. Load and stress, which – as a result of the fault is subjected to laptop top flap – can lead to cracking of another plastic parts (housing) and even to malfunction of components reponsible for the proper operation of the device (sensor, inverter or motherboard). Broken case doesn’t protect the other components of computer like electronic parts that effects in serious malfunctions.

Contrary to popular opinion, the exchange of the hinge is not a trivial operation. This is often a time-consuming job that requires disassembling the laptop apart. Moreover, small plastic components arehardly accessible in general and manufacturers restrict the ability of buying replacements, so getting it is also a difficult task.
So, if you notice any problems with your computers case or hinges, come to us. The computer service Fantastic Str deals with various defects, such as hinges replacement.

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