Have you lost your data and you hadn’m made any backup before? It’s not too late. Try our files recovery services!

More and more documents is being stored only in digital format. That makes a risk of loosing them. In such a case we offer a profesional files recovery services.

How do we recover them?

We offer a profesional files recovery services, from many kinds of data cariers:

  • computer and laptop hard drines,
  • SSD discs,
  • memory cards, pendrives, etc.,
  • CDs and DVDs,
  • broken computers, laptops and tablets,
  • What kind of files do we recover?

We can recover any kind of file format for you:

  • text (pdf, doc, etc.),
  • graphice (jpg, png, etc.)
  • sound (mp3, wav, etc.)
  • program files

If you have lost your data and want to recover it, don’t wait and contact us.

Lost files? call it, we'll get it back